Project Documentation: Research

The adoption of a circular
economy through a mobile

This segment explains the research process that I went through
to develop the concept of Lender. My research was based on
the study of mass consumption, and on the social and environmental problems that it causes.

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design mockup

What's this project about?


In a nutshell, my practical thesis project is a concept that tries to address the problem of mass production and mass consumption, giving rise to the practice of a circular economy rather than a linear one.

Research methods

Double Diamond
& Five Ws and H

The research phase was based on the design process model designed by
the British Design Council in 2005 (1), and also on the Five Ws (2) method
to further understand the problem that my project is meant to solve
(self adaptation).

the double diamond model and five ws

Research findings

Observational and
conversational research

Aside from my primary research, part of my investigation involved
physical and digital observation. Research conducted digitally and
through personal conversations made me realize how much people
consume offline and online, with the latter having increased on a large
scale in recent years. I was able to observe that people buy just for the
sake of buying - "because why not?".

speach bubbles

What's next?

Designing a solution

The research phase provided a great amount of information
which helped understand some causes of the problem. Subsequently,
it was possible to start formulating possible solutions.

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